Best presentator Carlos Oliveira with Gold-Medalist and

female Vice-Champion Valsa - Breed Show 2011 in Avenches

Lusitanos are our passion

There should be no mediocrity in love. And without love, vou cannot create art.

                                                                 Nuño Oliveira


Lakeland Lusitanos is a swiss stud farm of purebred Lusitanos founded in 2006 out of passion for this beautiful versatile horse. Therefore we attach great importance to the quality of our offspring. Our success confirms this: after the second Breed Show, we're happy to own a gold medal and four silver medals.

Our breeding aim

We appreciate the qualities of this versatile and well-selectet horse race. The Lusitano horses have always been bred for riding and fighting and it is known for its rideability, its strong back, its mobility and its courage. Lakeland Lusitano Lusitano are typey with excellent movements and a balanced, loving character.


Lusitanos are our passion. In cooperation with our Lusitano-friends we currently offer:

  • Livery stable and rearing of foals
  • Consulting and sale of home-bred Lusitanos
  • Sale of Lusitanos from friendly stud farms in Switzerland, France and Portugal
  • Riding lessons on Iberian horses in Dompierre: Dressurstall Branco
  • Horse Photography
  • Webdesign und Logo-Design