The Lusitano horse

The Lusitano Purebred is the oldest saddlehorse in the world. It has been ridden for around 5000 years and was already by Greeks and Romans considered as the finest saddlehorse in the Antiquity. The Lusitano Purebred is a "hot blooded" horse of the Arab and English Purebred type. It is the result of a selection process which has taken thousands of years and which ensures a greater degree of "empathy" with top quality riders than any other modern breed. The Lusitano Purebred, selected for its hunting and fighting qualities over the course of the centuries, is a versatile horse whose gentleness, agility and courage permit it to take part in almost all modern, equestrian trials and compete with the finest specialists. The Lusitano Purebred is again in demand as a sport and leisure mount as well as a studhorse on account of its rare qualities of character and genetic antiquity. Its rarity derives from a very small breeding stock of around 4000 broodmares. The offical institutionalisation of the Lusitano Breed Studbook represented a decisive step forward by conditioning the admission of studhorses, giving rise to a general and painstaking selection process, providing detailed knowledge on bloodlines and permitting the perpetuation of the characteristics of certain studhorses.